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Traveling First Class Cake

All that’s missing is the baby! This cute carriage, fashioned from a Sheet Pan cake, a royal-icing hood shaped using our 3-D Egg Pan Set, a floral-wire handle, and cookie wheels, becomes more realistic when equipped with a fondant blanket and pillow


Difficulty: Medium


Step 1

Make hood of carriage one to two days ahead of time. To construct hood: lightly grease, with solid vegetable shortening, outside of egg pan 6 inches down from top of pan. With royal icing, ice pan smooth. Cover iced pan with tip 47 basketweave. Let dry 1 to 2 days, then remove. Add tip 127 ruffle to edge.

Step 2

For handle: Cut 7 pieces of florist wire to 12 inch length. Twist together to form one thick piece. Fill bag with royal icing and use tip 32 to coat wire. Pull wire out of bag, doing one half at a time. Bend form handle and let dry. When completely dried, wrap 16 inches of ribbon around handle and add bow (1 yard long).

Step 3

With royal icing, make 210 (70 peach, 70 teal, 70 violet) drop flowers with tip 225, add tip 2 white centers. Let dry.

Step 4

With circle cookie cutter, cut 4 "wheels". Bake and cool. Using buttercream, ice smooth with spatula. Pipe tip 20 elongated shell "spokes" and add drop flowers. Pipe tip 349 leaves. Let set.

Step 5

Cut 3 cake boards to 7 x 12 in. Tape together and wrap with Fanci-Foil. Attach pillars to board with glue gun.

Step 6

Cut 2 layer cake down to 6 x 11 in. size. Ice cake smooth.

Step 7

For pillow, prepare rolled fondant: Roll out white piece of fondant 3 x 2 x 3/4 in. high. Add tip 127 royal icing ruffle and tip 2 bead border.

Step 8

For blanket: color rolled fondant peach and roll out a 6 x 6 x 1 in. high piece, place in carriage. Next, roll out a second layer of peach fondant to 6 1/2 x 7 in. size. Lay on top of first piece in carriage and tuck sides under. Fold back top edge on blanket and add tip 2 fringe and dots.

Step 9

Cover sides with tip 47 basketweave. Add tip 127 ruffle to base and tip 17 shell border on top of ruffle. Push handle into cake. Position hood of carriage on cake. Cut 2 ribbons, 1 yard long each and pull into bows. Position on sides of carriage hood. Add tip 17 rope border to top edge of carriage. Add drop flowers and tip 349 leaves.

Step 10

Add cookie wheels to pillars with icing. Position drop flowers on side of carriage; place favors around cake as desired.