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Too Much Of The Bubbly! Cake


Step 1

In advance, using royal icing, figure pipe approximately 12 elephants. Use tip 12 and hold bad at a 45-degree angle. With medium pressure, squeeze out approximately 2 in. long body. Tuck tip 12 into sides of body and pull-out to make legs. Pipe tip 12 ball head. Tuck tip 9 into center of face and squeeze out icing with a shell-like motion gradually relaxing pressure as you lift tip upwards to form trunk. Use tip 104 to pipe ears. Pipe tip 1 dot eyes; tip 2 feet and toes.

Step 2

Using pattern, make Color Flow champagne bottle: outline bottle using tip 2 and full-strength Color Flow, then flow in with thinned color flow. When set, wrap gold foil wrapper around bottle and print tip 1 year. Set aside. Ice 2-layer cakes and prepare for stacked construction. Pipe tip 4 bead top and bottom borders.

Step 3

Using tip 3, cover flower nail with royal icing and attach elephant to top. Tape flower nail to top of dowel rod. Attach dowel rod to back of champagne bottle with royal icing. Use tip 5 and royal icing to pipe bubbling champagne effect under elephant. Position elephants, glasses and Color Flow champagne bottle; attach gumballs and candles with icing. Print tip 3 message.