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To A One-derful Year Cake

First birthdays deserve extra-special cakes. Decorate a No. 1 shaped from Loaf Pan cakes with fondant figures and flowers formed with our Mini Bear Pan and our Flower Collection Flower Making Set.


Difficulty: Easy


Step 1

In advance, mold fondant bear and three large flowers: Tint 1 pk. fondant 1/3 yellow, 1/3 light rose, 1/3 dark rose. Dust flower and bear molds with cornstarch. Mold light rose bear. For flowers, place a small piece of yellow fondant in center; fill remainder with dark rose fondant. Let all dry on cornstarch-dusted surface.

Step 2

Make 45 each yellow and dark rose border flowers: Roll fondant thin, and cut flowers with pansy cutter from flower set. Place on thick foam and cup center with round end of modeling stick from set; let dry. Add tip 3 white dot centers in buttercream.

Step 3

Cut large cardboard to fit cake; wrap with foil. Trim two long loaf cakes to 2 in. high. Cut 4 in. off one loaf and position at right angle to top of full loaf. Position remaining loaf at bottom of full loaf to form ?1?. Prepare and cover cake with fondant; smooth. Attach bear to cake with buttercream. Pipe tip 3 dot eyes, nose and outline mouth. Shape and attach dark rose fondant bow. Position large fondant flowers on cake top; pipe tip 3 vines and tip 67 leaves. Pipe tip 3 dots on cake sides. Add tip 7 bead bottom border; position border flowers and add tip 67 leaves. Pipe tip 3 name and number 1 on bear.