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Thumbs Up For Frosty! Cake

This Thumbs Up for Frosty! Cake is a great way to wave hello to winter fun. Our Stand-Up Snowman sits atop a snowy-white round cake, surrounded by favorite holiday shapes in colorful fondant.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy



Step 1

Bake snowman, 3 mini egg and 1-layer round cakes. Ice round cake fluffy and prepare for stacked construction. Cut bottom of snowman level, position on 6 in. cake circle and place on cake. Insert two marshmallows on cookie stick, insert in snowman for arm. Cut one egg cake in half and attach for legs. Trim 1 in. off two eggs and attach upright for feet.

Step 2

Ice snowman fluffy. Build up arms and feet with tip 2A. Sprinkle with Cake Sparkles™. Tint fondant: 3 in. ball black, 2 1/2 in. ball yellow, 2 in. ball red, 1 in. balls green and brown.

Step 3

Shape and position black hat, 3/8 in. ball eyes and 2 in. string mouth. Shape and position red scarf, 1/2 in. ball nose; attach 1/4 in. wide hat band with damp brush.

Step 4

Roll out remaining fondant colors 1/8 inch think. Cut green leaves using ornament cutter from set, trace veins with veining tool. Roll 1/4 in. red berries and attach with leaves to hat with damp brush. Pipe tip 10 ball cheeks.

Step 5

Insert pretzel broomstick into arm. Cut a 12 x 2 1/2 in. piece of yellow fondant; cut into strips, leaving 1/2 in. uncut. Roll up fondant and form around pretzel for bristles.

Step 6

Cut 4 each of star, gingerbread and candy cane shapes using cutter set and tinted fondant. Brush stars with water and sprinkle with Cake Sparkles™.

Step 7

Using buttercream, pipe tip 2 dots on boys and zigzags on candy canes.

Step 8

Divide 12 in. cake into 12ths. Pipe tip 16 zigzag garlands at division points. Overpipe with tip 233 pull out needles. Position jawbreakers and fondant cut-outs.