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Three Heads are Better than One Candy

One face is more comical than the other on this stacked pumpkin candy mold. The Halloween Candy Kit for Pretzels has everything you’ll need to make this crazy-eyed pumpkins. Just the perfect size for party snacks.


Difficulty: Medium


Step 1

Use cut parchment bag and green melted candy to pipe stems in mold; let set in refrigerator.

Step 2

When set, fill remainder of mold with melted orange candy, position pretzel rod and place in refrigerator or freezer until completely set.

Step 3

When bottom of mold is frosted, remove from freezer and let come to room temperature.

Step 4

Use melted black candy in cut parchment bag to pipe in mouth and nose areas. Use melted white candy in cut parchment bag to fill in eyes. When set, use melted black candy in cut parchment bag to pipe pupils; let set.