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They'll Gobble It Up Pie

Serve a rare bird this Thanksgiving. Top a pumpkin pie with a turkey shaped from pastry shapes cut with our medium and large round cutters from our 101-Piece Cookie Cutters Set. Surround the turkey with piped-on feathers created with tinted Vanilla Whipped Icing Mix.


Difficulty: Medium


Step 1

In advance, prepare 2-crust piecrust. Place 1 crust in pan. With second crust, cut shapes for body and head using medium and large round cutters.

Step 2

Prepare pie following recipe instructions. Bake pie, body and head pieces. Let pie cool at room temperature and refrigerate overnight.

Step 3

Prepare whipped topping and divide in 5ths. Tint red, orange, yellow, brown; divide remaining 5th in half; tint 1/2 black and leave remaining half white.

Step 4

Starting at outer edge, pipe 2 rows of tip 366 feathers in red. Add two rows each of tip 366 orange and yellow feathers to cover top of pie.

Step 5

Ice body and head smooth with spatula then position on pie. Pipe tip 21 pull-out stars in brown for wing feathers. Add tip 6 ball eyes and tip 4 dot pupils.

Step 6

Pipe two tip 352 pull-out leaves for beak; add tip 6 outline wattle.

Note: Combine Red-Red and Christmas Red for red shade shown. Combine Brown and Red-Red for brown shade shown.