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Their Peak Moment Cake

Truly uplifting…each tier is topped by a ring of royal icing scrolls brushed with shimmering bronze Pearl Dust™.


Difficulty: Difficult



Step 1

One week in advance: Use royal icing to make swirled drop flowers with tip 2 dot centers. Make 700 large with tip 224 and 200 small with tip 225. Let dry.

Step 2

Also: Use royal icing and pattern presses to make 84 small and 120 large scrolls. Make extras to allow for breakage. Let dry. And: Mix 1 part bronze to 3 parts white Pearl Dust™ to create a softer shade. Dust all scrolls and flowers.

Step 3

Wrap base board with foil. Bake and cool 5 in. high cakes. (Bake two 2 1/2 in. layers for 6 in. and 10 in. round cakes. Bake one 2 in. and two 1 1/2 in. layers for petal cake. Base cake is four 10 in. squares set side by side; bake one 2 in. and two 1 1/2 in. layers for each square.) Position layered 10 in. squares on prepared base; ice smooth as one 20 in. square cake. Ice remaining cakes smooth and prepare for Combination Pillar and Stacked Construction.

Step 4

Pipe tip 5 bead bottom border on all cakes. For 20 in. base cake, divide each side into 8ths. Attach a row of large scrolls around bottom border at division points with icing; attach another row 1 in. down from top edge. Attach 3-flower clusters to cake sides midway between rows of scrolls with icing. For petal cake, attach large scrolls at petal centers, 1 at bottom and another 1 in. from top edge.

Step 5

Attach 1 small scroll on each side of large bottom scrolls. Attach 5-flower clusters at indentations above bottom scrolls and 4-flower clusters at indentations at top. Attach 3-flower clusters to cake sides midway between large scrolls.

Step 6

Divide 10 in. round cake into 12ths. Divide 6 in. round cake into 8ths. On both cakes, attach top and bottom rows of large scrolls and 3-flower clusters between rows as for 20 in. base cake. On 10 in. cake, attach 5-flower clusters at bottom and 1 flower at top between scrolls. On 6 in. cake, attach 1 flower between each bottom scroll.

Step 7

At reception: Position plates and pillars. Attach small upright scrolls to cake tops, about 1/2 in. inside cake edge. You will need 32 for base cake, 32 for petal cake, 12 for 10 in. round and 8 for 6 in. round. Assemble cakes.

Step 8

Position ornament. Always place a separator plate, or cake board cut to fit, on the cake where you position any figurine or topper. This protects both the cake and your keepsake. For extra stability, secure topper to the plate with double-stick tape.

**The top tier is often saved for the first anniversary. The number of servings given does not include the top tier.