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The Tree’s All Aglow! Cookies

More than just a pretty dessert, this sparkly cookie tree creation can also be used as a centerpiece at your holiday gathering.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

One day in advance, paint multi-colored candies included in kit with glucose, one at a time, and roll in White Sparkling Sugars; let dry on waxed paper.

Step 2

One day in advance, thin royal icing with water to a pouring consistency. One at a time, place cookies on cooling grid positioned over cookie sheet and cover with thinned royal icing. Immediately cover cookies with White Sparking Sugars and let dry on cooling grid.

Step 3

To make bow, roll out spice drop on surface covered with granulated sugar. Cut 10 strips, 1/4 in. wide x 3 in. long. Secure open ends of strips together with royal icing and let dry on sides. Assemble loops together to form bow and secure with royal icing; let dry on waxed paper.

Step 4

When cookies are completely dry, stack from largest to smallest; attach with royal icing. Position bow on top and attach multi-color candies with royal icing.