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The Swing Set Cake

Build a personalized playground for your favorite tyke. Set piped royal icing children on a swing set rising from a lawn-and-garden decorated Sheet Pan cake.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

Using royal icing make approximately 25 rose and 25 yellow tip 224 drop flowers with tip 2 white dot centers. Make extras to allow for breakage and let dry. Figure pipe kids using royal icing. Make extras to allow for breakage and let dry.

Step 2

To Make Kids on Swings: Secure two blocks of Styrofoam together with craft pins to create a seating platform on which to pipe figures. Cover with waxed paper and pin in place. Using tip 2A, pipe trunk of body; add tip 12 legs with shoes; tip 8 arms with tip 3 hands. Cut four 12 in. lengths of cord. Position cord on hands, allowing 4 in. cord to hang below; pipe fingers over hands to hold cord in place. Add tip 12 ball heads with tip 1 dot and string facial features; pipe tip 1 pull-out hair, tip 1 zigzag ponytail holders. Add tip 2 details to clothing and shoes. Kid on slide: Secure a piece of cardboard at a 45° angle to Styrofoam block. Cover with waxed paper. Pipe kid using tips and directions above. Make swing seats: Cut two 1 in. x 2 in. pieces of cardboard, punch holes on each end for cord. Ice smooth with royal icing and let dry.

Step 3

Spatula ice 1-layer cake. Pipe tip 234 pull-out grass bottom border. Wrap ends of swing set and slide with foil to prevent any glued areas from touching cake. Carefully position swing set on cake, pressing in to secure. Tie swing kids on seats to swing set and secure knot with a dot of hot glue, if necessary. Tie onto top brace of swing set, trim excess cord. Position slide, attach kid with dots of royal icing. Add tip 234 grass accents; position drop flowers. Add granulated brown sugar. Pipe tip 4 name.

Step 4

To Make Swing Set: Cut wooden dowel rods: One 10 in. length for top brace; four 11 in. lengths for legs. Cut lollipop sticks: Two 7 in. lengths for slide sides; two 21/2 in. lengths for slide braces; six 2 in. lengths for ladder steps; two 5 in. lengths for ladder sides; two 4 in. lengths for swing side braces. Cut a 2 in. x 7 in. piece of cake board for slide platform. Using craft glue to secure, cover all pieces with Fanci-Foil; let dry. Assemble using hot glue: Ladder and Slide: Glue six ladder steps onto two ladder sides. Glue two slide sides onto the slide platform. Glue the ladder to the slide; add the two slide braces. Swing: Glue two A-frames using two 11 in. legs and one 4 in. swing side brace for each. When dry, glue the A-frames to the top brace approximately 1 in. from each end; push a gum drop onto each end, securing with dot of glue if necessary.