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The Season of Giving Candy

In The Season of Giving Candy, the sweetest spruce in town is surrounded by colorful gift truffles. Make the 3-D tree by molding candy in our largest metal nesting tree cutter, cut and assemble the pieces for a standout stand-up centerpiece!


Difficulty: Medium


Step 1

Use "painting" method and instructions on mold package to make crème-filled gift truffles. Refrigerate to set; unmold.

Step 2

Place largest tree cutter on cookie sheet and fill to top edge with melted candy. Refrigerate to set; unmold. Make two trees, cut one vertically in half.

Step 3

Assemble tree, attach 1/2 tree in front of whole tree and 1/2 tree to back with melted candy in cut parchment bag. Attach one green candy melt to bottom of tree for base. Using white melted candy in cut parchment bag, pipe garland and top design on tree. Immediately press on nonpareil sprinkles to garland.

Step 4

Make large tree stand by pouring melted candy in baking cup, 1/2 in. deep. Refrigerate until firm; unmold. Attach to green base of tree with melted candy in cut parchment bag.

Step 5

Cover board with foil and position tree and gift truffles.