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The Princess' Address Castle Cake

This bold Camelot castle with flag-topped towers will make her day. It's the ultimate princess palace with 11 sparkling peaked towers, sprays of fondant flowers and windows laced with lattice.

4.6 Average of 363 ratings

Difficulty: Medium
Average of 304 reviews


Step 1

**Combine Violet with Rose for violet shown.

In advance: Make flowers using Flower Making Set. Tint 8 oz. fondant rose and roll out 1/16 in. thick. Cut 285 forget-me-nots; make extras to allow for breakage.

Step 2

Place on thick foam and cup centers using end of stick 1 which has been dipped in cornstarch. Use royal icing to pipe tip 2 dot centers; let dry.

Step 3

Add trims in violet royal icing. Ice tower peaks and sprinkle with Cake Sparkles.

Step 4

Pipe tip 3 arch around windows on towers and main roof; sprinkle with Cake Sparkles. Outline door and windows for cake sides with tip 5; sprinkle with Cake Sparkles. Ice sides of main roof and overpipe scalloped edge with tip 5; sprinkle with Cake Sparkles. Let dry.

Step 5

Prepare towers to insert in cake. To make 1 large, 4 medium and 2 small towers which will be inserted into cakes more stable, attach plastic dowel rods, cut 1 in. shorter than height of cake, to bottom of towers. Stand tower upside down; attach cut dowel rod to base with melted candy. Refrigerate until firm.

Step 6

Ice 2-layer cakes smooth. Prepare for Stacked Construction; position 6 in. cake ½ in. from center toward back of 10 in. cake to allow for main roof in front. Working from top to bottom, assemble and decorate using buttercream icing.

Step 7

Decorate 3 towers (small, medium, large) for 6 in. cake top. Attach tower peaks and flowers under windows; pipe tip 3 dots on battlements and tip 2 double drop strings above windows. Add tip 349 leaves.

Step 8

Insert first 3 towers into cake top. Pipe tip 5 bead border around tower bases and bottom of 6 in. cake. Attach flowers for top border; add tip 349 leaves. Insert 4 plastic windows around sides of 6 in. cake. Attach flowers under windows; pipe tip 349 leaves. Position main roof on 10 in. cake. Prepare 3 medium towers and 1 small tower as described above. Insert in 10 in. cake and pipe tip 5 bead border around bases and bottom border of 10 in. cake. Attach flowers for top border; add tip 349 leaves. Insert door at front and 2 plastic windows on sides of 10 in. cake. Attach flowers under windows and around door; pipe tip 349 leaves. Prepare 3 large and 2 small towers as described above for sides of cake; attach to cake board, touching cake sides. Pipe tip 12 random zigzag around base; position flowers and pipe tip 349 leaves.