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The Patriot Cake

This star cake is a celebration in itself! Using Sugar Sheets! to make stars, stripes and swirls, it’s a firecracker of a dessert for the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Veterans Day and many more.


Difficulty: Medium


Step 1

Bake and cool cake. Place on foil-covered board and ice smooth.

Step 2

Use punch with Spiral Cutting Insert to cut Bright Blue Sugar Sheets! swirls. Attach randomly swirls to cake top and sides.

Step 3

Use largest star cutter from Nest Star Cutter Set as a stencil. Use Red Sugar Sheets! star on backside of sheet and trace inside cutter with black FoodWriter. Cut and trim with craft knife. Position star on center of cake.

Step 4

Use Rotary Cutters to cut 1/2 wide strips of Bright Blue Sugar Sheets! to fit assorted lengths of star. Attach strips on an angle 1/2 in. apart on red star; secure with Piping Gel.

Step 5

Use largest star from Layered Stars Cutting Insert Set to cut star from Bright Blue Sheets! Attach to center of cake with Piping Gel.