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The Moment Endures Cake

Candy plaque cake tops with fondant swags add a sculpted grandeur to square tiers. Candy favors tie the look together.


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Step 1

A day in advance: Prepare 6 recipes of candy clay; let set at room temperature. Make the following candy plaque cake tops in square pans: one 8 in. (uses 1 pk. Candy Melts) four 10 in., (each uses 2 pks.), one 12 in. (uses 3 pks.) and one 16 in. (uses 8 pks.). Refrigerate until firm and set aside.

Step 2

Also make candy favors. Make candy plaque name cards in Petite Loaf Pan and candy bells using directions in Favor Kit. Refrigerate until firm. Write message using melted candy in cut disposable bag. To make easel back for each favor, cut a Candy Melts wafer rectangle. Attach easel backs and bells to name cards with melted candy and set aside.

Step 3

Make fondant flowers. Tint 12 oz. fondant peach. Using apple blossom cutter from Floral Collection Set, cut 80 peach and 120 white fondant flowers. Place flowers on thick foam and cup centers with small end of ball tool; let dry on small flower formers. Add tip 3 dot icing centers.

Step 4

Ice smooth 2-layer 6, 10 and 14 in. cakes and prepare for Center Column Construction. For bottom tier, bake and cool three 12 x 18 in. cakes. Cut one cake in half to create two 6 x 18 in. cakes; position half cakes next to whole cakes, stacked, to create a 2-layer 18 in. square cake. Ice smooth and insert dowel rods for support.

Step 5

Knead 12 oz. fondant for each of the 6 prepared candy clay recipes. Cut cake boards 2 in. larger than cakes. Cut holes in center of board to accommodate center column. Roll out candy clay/fondant and cut 4 in. wide strips for edges of boards. Attach strips with Piping Gel, wrapping so that 2 in. of strip is on top and 2 in. on underside of board. Smooth with Easy-Glide Smoother.

Step 6

Make 140 candy clay/fondant strips for sides of cakes. Roll out candy clay/fondant 1/16 in. thick and cut 140 strips, 3/4 x 4 in. Score strips with lattice design, making lines 3/8 in. apart with straight-edge wheel of Cutter/Embosser. Strips can be made about 2 hours before attaching; store on cookie sheet covered with plastic wrap. Attach to cake sides, about 3/4 in. apart. Using sharp knife, cut holes in center of all candy plaque cake tops except 10 in. plaques, to accommodate center column. For four 10 in. plaques, position side by side to form a 20 in. square; trace center column where corners meet and cut out traced area.

Step 7

Position candy plaque cake tops as follows: 8 in. plaque on 6 in. cake, 12 in. plaque on 10 in. cake, 16 in. plaque on 14 in. cake and four 10 in. plaques on 18 in. cake. Make bottom swags. Cut candy clay/fondant mixture into 11/2 in. squares. Form drapes by placing one skewer under bottom edge of square and one on top, next to the first skewer. Repeat with more skewers to form three folds; remove skewers and gather fondant at each end. Trim as needed. Position swags between strips with dots of icing; use veining tool to define folds if needed. For top swags, roll out mixture 1/8 in. thick and cut 3 x 2 in. strips. Repeat draping process used for bottom swags; attach to candy plaque with melted candy. Attach flowers at swag points with melted candy.

Step 8

At reception: Assemble cake following Center Column instructions. Position ornament and favors.