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The Lights of Hanukkah Cake

Even if your menorah candles burn too quickly, you’ll have the bright lights of this cake to admire throughout the celebration. For the spiral design, just wind strips of tinted fondant around dowel rods.


Difficulty: Medium


Step 1

Prepare 2-layer 15 in. petal and 1-layer 6 in. round cakes for rolled fondant and stacked construction.

Step 2

Tint fondant as follows: 78 oz. blue, plus 4 oz. each of yellow, orange, violet and green. Reserve 2 oz. white. Cover cakes with blue fondant; smooth with Easy-Glide Smoother. Roll out tinted fondant 1/8 in. thick and use menorah cutter from set to cut 2 menorahs in each color. Attach to petal sides near top edge with damp brush. Pipe tip 5 outline menorah branches, tip 4 outline candles and tip 2 outline candleholders on fondant menorahs. Add tip 14 pull-out star flames.

Step 3

Cut assorted fondant dots using narrow end of tip 12; attach to sides of round cake with damp brush.

Step 4

For large candles, cut 8 plastic dowel rods to 8 in. long and one to 7 in. long. Cut assorted color fondant strips, 1/4 x 15 in. Wind and attach strips around dowel rods with a damp brush, placing strips around 5 in. of the dowel rod. Wrap 7 in. candle in blue and 2 each in other colors. Attach white fondant balls to tops of rods to resemble dripping wax. Insert a 3/4 in. piece of black shoestring licorice for wick; insert wick in a teardrop-shaped yellow fondant flame. For candleholders, roll out fondant 1/4 in. thick; cut large circle using wide end of tip 1A and small circle with wide end of tip 2A. Attach small circle to large with damp brush. Push candles into fondant circles up to beginning of spirals. Set aside.

Step 5

For round cake bottom border, roll a 1/4 in. diameter x 21 in. long blue fondant rope; attach with damp brush. For petal cake bottom border, roll fondant 1/16 to 1/8 in. thick and cut eight 4 1/2 x 7 in. rectangles. Gather each rectangle into 3 folds and attach to petal sections with damp brush; trim as needed. Roll 1/2 in. fondant balls and attach with damp brush at meeting points of each drape. Insert candles into cake just below candle rings, placing 7 in. candle in round cake.