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The Crowd's in the Clouds! Cake

Create a cloud-and-sky background on a white-iced cake by spraying blue Color Mist Spray along the torn edge of a paper towel. Reposition the towel and repeat the process until surface is covered.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

Ice 1-layer cake smooth. Make cloud and sky effect on cake top using Color Mist™ and paper towels. Use paper towel wide enough to cover width of cake.

Step 2

Tear paper towel in half horizontally to create rough scallops. Place one cut side of paper towel up slightly below top edge of cake and spray Color Mist™ along torn edge.

Step 3

Repeat process, moving towel down 1 1/2 in. each time, until entire surface is covered with cloud effect.

Step 4

Roll out primary colored fondant 1/8 in. thick. Cut 3 balloons in each color, using medium round Cut-Out™; position on cake.

Step 5

For eyes, roll 1/4 in. white fondant balls; attach with damp brush. Draw pupils and mouths with black FoodWriter™.

Step 6

Cut message from primary blue fondant, using alphabet Cut-Outs™; position on cake.

Step 7

For balloon ties, cut small fondant triangles with craft knife; position. For balloon strings, cut 1/8 in. wide fondant strips; position.

Step 8

Add tip 21 zigzag puff bottom border.