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The Candy Man Candy

This treat is really handy to have around on Halloween! Candy Melts are molded for round base and pumpkin shaped head. Jellied candies are used to the colorful trims.


Difficulty: Easy


Step 1

Pour melted yellow candy 1/4 in. thick in round cookie treat pan to form disc base. Refrigerate to set; unmold. Pour melted orange candy 1/4 in. thick in mini pumpkin pan. Refrigerate to set; unmold.

Step 2

Use melted candy in cut disposable bag to pipe whites of eyes, black pupils and mouth, and orange nose.

Step 3

Roll purple spice drop flat on surface sprinkled with granulated sugar for hat brim. Attach another purple spice drop on top of brim with melted candy for hat. Pipe hatband with melted yellow candy in cut disposable bag and attach to head with melted orange candy. Roll out green spice drops and cut into hand shapes; attach to lollipop sticks with melted candy and let set. Insert green spice drop feet into lollipop sticks. Attach arms and legs to pack of body with melted orange candy; let set. Attach feet to candy disc with melted yellow candy.