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The Best of Times Gingerbread House

Home is where the holiday is shared best. It’s a great time to gather the family together to create this magical scene. Assemble Pre-Baked Gingerbread House Kit and customize gingerbread cookies resemble your favorite holiday guests. The enchanted village comes to life with spearmint trees and candy roof.


Difficulty: Medium


Step 1

Assemble house according to package directions and let dry.

Step 2

In advance, make 3 gingerbread boy and 3 gingerbread girl candies using "painting" method and filling molds only half full. Refrigerate until firm; unmold.

Step 3

To make sled, attach candy cane sleigh runners to bottom of sugar wafer cookies. Cut one gingerbread boy candy in half above knees and attach with Tip 16 and royal icing in sitting position. Let dry.

Step 4

To make trees, cut spearmint leaves horizontally in half. Attach bottom halves to bottom half of sugar cone using Tip 6 and royal icing. Attach top half of leaves (with vein imprint) on top half of cone. Pipe Tip 5 snow mounds on tree. Let dry.

Step 5

Ice side windows and all doors smooth with spatula and trim with Tip 3 zigzags. Pipe Tip 16 shells on peaks of house walls. Pipe Tip 16 zigzags on house corners and attach candy sticks.

Step 6

Attach candy shutters and front windows; add Tip 16 shell trim. Ice roof smooth and attach assorted candies. Pipe Tip 16 zigzags on edges and peak and attach candy sticks. Pipe Tip 16 shells on top of peak and attach hollow-center candy. Pipe Tip 16 zigzags on eaves; cut spice drops in half and attach to eaves.

Step 7

To make balcony, attach 4 candy sticks to bottom of sugar wafer cookie with royal icing, let dry. When dry, attach bottoms of candy sticks to house base with royal icing, let dry.

Step 8

Using Tip 16 and royal icing, attach candy-coated licorice bits upright for railing spindles; trim cinnamon gum and attach for handrail with Tip 16 stars. Let dry completely.

Step 9

Ice base of house fluffy with spatula; position candy pieces for walkway. For snow hill under sled, stack marshmallows and ice smooth. Attach boy on sled, trees and townspeople.