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That Cracks Me Up! Cake

This tongue-in-beak design is sure to earn smiles from your holiday guests! The wings and feet are made using tulip-shaped cookies. The star fill-in technique makes decorating easy.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

Cut and bake four tulip cookies. After cooling, cut bottom off two cookies, angled to fit against cake sides for wings. Ice bottom cookie feet smooth in orange buttercream; let crust.

Step 2

Mark face pattern on cake with toothpick. Outline shell and cracks with tip 4. Pipe tip 4 whites of eyes (pat smooth with finger dipped in cornstarch); add tip 4 pupils (pat smooth).

Step 3

Pipe tip 7 mound for beak; shape with finger. Pipe tip 3 line across beak. Cover face with tip 16 stars, egg with tip 18 stars.

Step 4

For legs, cut two dowel rods to 8 in. Using tip 4, cover bottom 3 1/2 in. of each rod with orange buttercream; smooth.

Step 5

Insert uncovered portion of rods into cake, 1 in. up from bottom.

Step 6

Cover tops of feet cookies with tip 18 stars; attach to legs with icing, resting bottom edge against cake board.

Step 7

Position wing cookies against cake sides, propping up with marshmallows. Beginning at tips, cover wings with tip 352 pull out feathers.