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Thanks For Our Family Cake


Step 1

In advance, make dinner guests: Prepare 1/2 recipe Wilton Ready-To-Use Rolled Fondant and Gum Tex™; tint light copper. Use Gingerbread Boys Cutter Set to cut 10 people in various sizes. Let dry. Using royal icing, decorate people fronts first, let dry, then decorate backs: Pipe-in tip 3 and 4 clothing (smooth with finger dipped in cornstarch). Add tip 2 dot and string facial features, hair, trims on skirts, shirts and pants. Let dry.

Step 2

To make silverware, cover pattern with waxed paper. Using royal icing, pipe tip 2 spoon, knife and fork handle; pipe tip 1 tines on fork. Make 10 sets of silverware; let dry (make extras to allow for breakage). To make dinner plates and cups, tint 1/2 pk. of fondant ivory. Roll out fondant and cut 10 plates using wide end of tip 1A; let dry on surface dusted with cornstarch. For cups, roll a 1/2 in. diameter piece of fondant and press in center using little finger dipped in cornstarch. Make 10 cups. Smooth sides and flatten bottom with fingers. For handle, roll a small string of fondant and attach at sides with brush dipped in water.

Step 3

To make turkey, platter and vegetables, tint 1/4 pk. of fondant brown, 1 in. diameter ball grey, 1 in. ball red and 1 in. ball green. Prepare 2-layer 10 in. round cake for rolled fondant by lightly icing with buttercream. Cover with 11/4 packages of fondant. Smooth with Easy Glide Smoothers.

Step 4

Attach place settings, silverware and turkey platter to table with royal icing. Insert lollipop sticks for candles. Pipe tip 2 royal icing flame on ends. Attach dinner guests to cake with royal icing.