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Teddy's #1 Today! Cake

Lavish your one-year old with good-luck wishes. Fashion a four-leaf clover from 8 in. Round Pan cakes covered in fondant. Add a Teddy Bear Pan cake and a fondant message formed with our Make-Any-Message Letter Press.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

Cut cardboard cloverleaf-shaped base, using 8 in. cake circles as a pattern; attach Tuk-N-Ruffle.

Step 2

Prepare 1-layer 8 in. cakes for rolled fondant and stacked construction. Tint fondant (1/2 pk. each color) following package directions and cover cakes.

Step 3

Ice bear cakes smooth; build up muzzle with tip 5. Trace pattern with toothpick.

Step 4

Outline ears, paws, muzzle, face and number with tip 3. Cover cake with tip 233 pull-out fur.

Step 5

Pipe tip 5 dot nose and eyes; pipe tip 3 glint in eyes and string mouth. Pipe tip 7 bead bottom borders.

Step 6

Imprint message using individual press letters without bar; pipe in with tip 3. Position bear cake on round cakes.