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Team-sized Burger

Feed a crowd! Use hot roll mix or frozen bread dough and a First and Ten Football Pan to create a giant bun. The pan comes back into play to mold the 3-pound oval burger, which is then broiled.


Difficulty: Easy


  • 1 lb Frozen bread dough or 2 packages (15 oz ea.) hot roll mix
  • 3 lb ground beef
  • Lettuce and tomatoes
  • American cheese slices (white and yellow)
  • Favorite condiments and seasonings


Serves 8-10.


Step 1

Prepare bread or hot roll mix in pan following package directions (use 1 1/2 recipes of hot roll mix to make loaf).

Step 2

Mix ground beef with seasonings; shape into a large football, 1 in. larger than pan. Place on broiler pan prepared with non-stick cooking spray; broil for 10-12 minutes on each side, approximately 6 in. from flame (turn over patty with cookie sheet).

Step 3

Slice bread in half. Position hamburger, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes. Add top of loaf; position strips of white cheese for stripes and laces.