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Take a Whirl, Girl! Cake

Celebrate carnival style. Sculpt an eye-catching carousel using 8 in. x 2 in. and 12 in. x 2 in. Round Pan cakes, a lively hued fondant roof and Crystal Clear Twist Legs.


Difficulty: Somewhat Difficult



Step 1

At least 48 hours in advance: Make fondant flowers. Tint 8 oz. portions of fondant light pink and lavender. Tint a 2 in. ball yellow. Combine each tinted fondant with 3/4 teaspoon Gum-Tex. Roll out 1/8 in. thick. Using small Cut-Out, cut 40 flowers each in pink, yellow and lavender. Cup centers on foam using small ball tool and let dry on cornstarch-dusted board. Using medium Cut-Out, make 12 pink flowers; using large Cut-Out make 1 pink flower. Do not cup medium and large flowers. Let dry. Tape florist wires together, wrapping 4 in. at bottom end. Shape wire on each side into spiral leaves. Attach large flower at end of center wire with melted candy; let dry.

Step 2

Also: Make fondant horses and awning sections. Combine 8 oz. white fondant with 3/4 teaspoon Gum-Tex. Roll out white and remaining lavender fondant 1/8 in. thick. Using pattern, cut 5 each lavender and white awning sections. Using horse cutter from set, cut 4 white horses. Let all dry on cornstarch-dusted board.

Step 3

And: Decorate flowers and horses using royal icing and tip 3. Pipe dot centers on small flowers. Add bead petals and dot centers on large and medium flowers. On horses, pipe dot eyes and nose; outline saddle and harness. Outline and pipe in saddle and hooves. Pipe pull-out string mane and tail. Let dry.

Step 4

Prepare 2-layer 8 in. cake (bake two 1 1/2 in. high layers to make a 3 in. high cake) and 2-layer 12 in. cake for Push-In Pillar Construction. Ice smooth in buttercream. Divide 12 in. cake into 12ths. Pipe tip 3 drop strings 1 1/2 in. deep from division points. Attach 3 small flowers to each drop string and 1 medium pink flower at each division point. Add tip 349 leaves. Pipe tip 3 dots between flowers. Roll out remaining rose fondant 1/8 in. thick. Cut 3/4 in. strips, long enough to wrap around 12 in. cake; position at base of cake. Attach flowers around strip with dots of icing; add tip 349 leaves. Trim top of strip with tip 3 dots, 11/2 in. apart.

Step 5

Place 8 in. cake on separator plate; divide into 10ths. Pipe tip 3 drop strings 1 1/2 in. deep. Attach a flower at each division point and at lowest point of drop strings. Add tip 349 leaves. Pipe tip 3 dots between flowers. Cut and attach a 1/2 in. wide pink fondant strip at base as above. Pipe tip 3 bead bottom border; trim top of strip with tip 3 dots, 11/2 in. apart. Cut dowel rod to 6 in.; insert in center of 8 in. cake top. Cut an 8 in. cake circle with a center hole cut out to fit over dowel rod; position on cake top. Fill inside dowel rod with fondant to hold wired flower. Position awning sections between garland points, resting tops against dowel rod; attach sections with royal icing. Pipe tip 3 beads in royal icing at base and seams of awning. Insert flower on wire at top of awning. Assemble cakes. Position flowers around pillars. Attach horses to pillars with melted candy.

*Combine Lemon Yellow with Golden Yellow for yellow shown. Combine Leaf Green with Lemon Yellow for green shown. Combine Violet with Rose for lavender shown.