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Sweet Floral Lamb Cake

Sweet in design and taste, this lamb cake is covered in coconut and decorated with royal icing pansies. Easy to bake using the Stand Up Lamb Pan, this cake will be the center of attention at your holiday celebration.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

One day in advance, pipe eight pansies using tip 104 and two shades of violet royal icing. Pipe centers using tip 3 and yellow royal icing. Make additional to allow for breakage. Let dry in wave flower formers

Step 2

Bake and cool lamb cake using firm-textured batter such as pound cake. Position on a foil-wrapped cake board.

Step 3

Ice face smooth using white buttercream icing. Ice inside ears smooth using rose buttercream icing.

Step 4

Spatula ice body, head and ears using white buttercream icing. Work one section at a time, spatula icing and then pressing on shredded coconut.

Step 5

Outline and pipe in facial features using tip 4 and brown buttercream icing.

Step 6

Attach pansies around lamb cake using dots of buttercream icing. Pipe leaves using tip 67 and green buttercream icing.