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Sweet Baby Dreams Cake


Step 1

Prepare and ice 2-layer 14 in. tier for tall tier construction. Ice 6 in. round styrofoam cake on foil-covered board. Divide 6 in. cake into 8ths; pipe tip 16 rosette, 1 in. from bottom at each division mark. Insert 3 in. long cookie sticks into rosettes. Pipe tip 5 bead to border.

Step 2

Ice Singles!™ cake smooth and position on 6 in. cake. Pipe tip 12 ball cloud bottom border.

Step 3

Decorate 14 in. cake: Pipe tip 8 ball cloud bottom border and tip 5 bead top border. Divide rolled fondant into 4ths and tint light yellow, blue, rose and green. Mold baby accents pieces and position on side of 14 in. tier. Mold 4 bow borders using pink fondant and position on top of 14 in., close to top edge. Make 16 hanging stars: Using the smallest star cookie cutter, cut 4 fondant stars of each color. Sandwich one end of a 12 in. length of ribbon between 2 stars, lightly brush with water and press to secure. Set aside to dry. Pipe tip 2 facial features on stars. Let dry. Using tip 2, pipe dot and string details on fondant shapes; using tip 3, randomly pipe bead flowers and hearts; add dot centers to flowers.

Step 4

At reception: Assemble 2 columns to bottom column bolt. Position 8 in. plate on top of column and attach top column cap nut. Position 6 in. cake on plate and pipe tip 8 bead bottom border. Add tip 3 hearts and flowers on center column and attach star. Pipe tip 8 ball clouds around column. Attach stars with ribbon on cookie sticks. Position topper.