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Sunshine Centerpiece

It’s a bright summer pail full of sunshine desserts! Make sun lollipop with Round Comfort Grip Cutter and rays patterns. Candy lollipops are made using our Summer Fun Candy Mold with Candy Melts tinted with Primary and Garden Candy Color Sets. Fill pail with dried beans and cover with curling ribbon.


Difficulty: Medium


Step 1

Tint melted white Candy Melts® using Primary and Garden Candy Color Sets.

Step 2

Mold lollipops using painting method, Summer Fun Candy Mold and 6 in. Sticks. Also mold sunglasses candy.

Step 3

Mold sun 1/4 in. deep in Round Comfort Grip™ Cutter on Non-Stick Cookie Sheet.

Step 4

Trace Sun Features and Sun Rays patterns from 2007 Pattern Book on waxed paper; pipe in using melted candy; let set.

Step 5

Attach rays, face pieces and 11 3/4 in. stick with melted candy.

Step 6

Cut 18 in. lengths of curling ribbon; gather together in 3 groups of 5 and secure with florist wire; tie single ribbons to each lollipop.

Step 7

Pour dried beans in plastic bucket; add a craft foam circle, cut to fit. Insert lollipops and ribbon groups.