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Sundae Surprise Candy

Sweet-toothed folks love these candy-shell sundae cups filled with chocolate dots. Use Candy Melts, a Mini Wonder Mold Pan, and crisped-rice-cereal treats to form the containers.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

For bowl section, make a 1/4 in. thick candy shell using pan and melted white candy.

Step 2

For base section, make a 3/4 in. deep candy plaque in pan; reserve any leftover candy.

Step 3

Divide bowl in 8ths using cake divider. Tint 1 recipe of candy clay pink using candy color.

Step 4

Roll out candy clay 1/8 in. thick and cover base. Using pattern, cut 8 triangles for each bowl.

Step 5

Attach at division marks using melted candy; trim as needed.

Step 6

Prepare cereal treats and form mound shapes to cover top of bowls; let cool.

Step 7

Cover treats with reserved melted white candy; sprinkle with jimmies and attach sour ball and stick candy; let set.

Step 8

Attach bowl to base using melted candy; let set. Fill bowl with chocolate dots and position cereal treat on top.

Step 9

*Brand confectionery coating.