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Starting Off on the Right Foot Mini Cake

Creative piping transforms Mini Egg Pan cakes into kicky and consumable booties. Add Baby Icing Decorations to underscore “the baby’s coming” theme.


Difficulty: Easy


Step 1

Position wide end of egg cake as front of bootie. Ice smooth.

Step 2

Build up top area of bootie, overpiping three rows of tip 363 lines.

Step 3

Overpipe tip 363 zigzag on top of three rows.

Step 4

Cover bootie with tip 18 stars, beginning at bottom and working upward.

Step 5

Build up with tip 18 stars as needed to shape bootie. Pipe tip 4 strings and bows.

Step 6

Add tip 18 star pom-poms. Attach icing decoration with dots of buttercream.