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Spooky Standing Cookies

It’s a gothic greeting for your guests when you serve these skullicious color flow cookies on our Halloween Cupcake Stand! Make them stand by baking a cookie easel for each.


Difficulty: Easy


Step 1

Prepare roll-out cookie dough. Roll out and cut cookies using circle cutter. Using knife, cut a 2 x 1 in. triangle easel for each cookie. Bake and cool. Use tip 3 and full-strength white color flow to outline cookies; let set. Use thinned white color flow in cut bag to fill in cookie; let set overnight. Using tip 1 and full-strength black color flow, outline skull and pipe scrolls; let set. Use thinned black color flow in cut bag to fill in skull; let set. Outline cookie with tip 2 and full-strength black color flow; immediately sprinkle with black sugar; let set. Attach easel to back of each cookie with full-strength icing; let set. Position cookies on stand.