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Snowmen, Villagers & Tree Cookies

Populate your Gingerbread House Village with stand-up cookies made from 3 fun nesting cutter sets. It's fun to personalize these Snowmen, Villagers and Trees with colorful icing, sprinkles and candy. Stand them up with a cardboard easel.


Difficulty: Medium


Step 1

Use snowmen nesting cutter set to create different size snowmen. Ice the snowmen cookies smooth, stucco-like, spatula swirled or with white fondant. Add white nonpareils, chocolate jimmies, red or green sugars and yellow fruit roll-ups for accents. Use black icing for eyes and mouth with tip #3. Use cinnamon candies for facial features and buttons. Add red or green sugar for mittens or gloves.

Step 2

Use gingerbread boy nesting cutter set for different size villagers. Use cinnamon candy for buttons, eyes and nose. Use fruit roll-ups for belts and pants. Use green-tinted fondant for bow-tie and shoes. Use zigzag white icing and tip 3 for hair. Use green sprinkles for eyes. Use red sugar, red jimmies and white nonpareils for clothing decorations.

Step 3

Use tree nesting cutter set to create different size trees. Ice the tree cookies with white icing and white sparkles, green-tinted fondant and white nonpareils or with Christmas red or kelly green icing. Use tip 3 and green sprinkles for garland. Use cinnamon candy accents, white nonpareils, red jimmies and red sugar for decorations.

Step 4

Add cardboard easels and attach with icing to prop up figures and trees.