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Snappy Satchels Mini Cakes

Serve pocketbook petit fours at any girly-girl gathering. Trim Mini Loaf Pan cakes and cut shapes from a Sheet Pan cake with Round and Heart Comfort Grip Cutters to create purse forms.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

Bake and cool 1 in. high mini loaf and sheet cakes. Cut sheet cakes with round and heart cookie cutters.

Step 2

For heart, trim 1 in. off pointed end of heart. For round, trim 1/2 in. off bottom.

Step 3

For Mini Loaf, trim sides at an angle, tapering off 1/2 in. on top sides. Position on foil-wrapped boards, cut to fit. Prepare cakes for rolled fondant.

Step 4

Tint fondant for all cakes: Reserve a 1 in. ball of pastel green.

Step 5

For green purse, combine remaining pastel green with 1/2 pk. of neon yellow fondant. For green stripe used on yellow purse, add Leaf Green Icing Color to the reserved green ball.

Step 6

For purple, combine 1/2 in. neon purple ball with a 1 in. white ball. For light pink, combine 1/2 in. neon pink ball and 1 1/2 in. white ball. (For dark pink, use straight neon pink fondant).

Step 7

For orange, combine 1/2 in. neon orange ball and 1 1/2 in. white ball.

Step 8

For blue, add a little Royal Blue Icing Color to a 1 1/2 in. pastel blue ball.

Step 9

Cover all cakes with fondant. For handles, roll 5 3/4 x 3/8 in. diameter rope in matching color; attach to cakes with damp brush. For clasps, roll 3/8 in. balls (2 each for green and yellow purses, 1 for pink); attach with damp brush. Roll out colors 1/8 in. thick and cut various decorations; attach all with damp brush. Cut flowers with smallest Cut-Out; roll and attach 1/16 in. yellow ball centers. Cut 1/8 in. wide stems with paring knife.For leaves, cut a heart with smallest Cut-Out; cut heart in half with knife. For stripes on yellow purse, cut 1/4 in. strips with straight-edge wheel of Cutter/Embosser; attach 1/2 in. apart.

Step 10

Cut hearts on pink purse with smallest Cut-Out.