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Smiling Cookie and Cupcakes Flower

What a perfect dessert combination: Cupcakes topped with a smiling cookie! Use pink tube icing from the Wilton Kids™ Bright Color-N-Swirl Icing Kit™ and sprinkles from the Wilton Kids™ Mega Sprinkles Tote.


Difficulty: Easy


Step 1

Prepare and roll out cookie dough. Cut cookies using large circle cutter from cutter set. Bake and cool. One cookie needed for each arrangement. Bake and cool seven cupcakes with butterfly baking cups from cupcake tote. Ice cookies smooth with yellow tube icing from icing kit. Ice cupcakes smooth with pink tube icing from icing kit.

Step 2

Use round tip and violet tube icing from icing kit to outline mouth. Use round tip and yellow tube icing from icing kit to pipe dot cheeks, nose and eyes.

Step 3

Attach candy eyeballs on top of yellow piped eyeballs. Attach blue jimmies from sprinkles tote for eyelashes. Sprinkle cupcakes with pink sugars from sugars kit.

Step 4

To arrange dessert, position one cupcake in center and surround with the remaining six. Position cookie on top of center cupcake.