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Skating Village Gingerbread Houses


Step 1

In advance: Assemble and decorate village following package directions.

Step 2

Make 6 candy trees in Christmas Trees Pretzel Mold. After unmolding, use melted candy and piping method to pipe zigzag snow.

Step 3

Prepare figures. Cut 1/2 in. long slivers of jellied candy from village kit for skates on 7 figures; press to attach. For men in snow, pipe 1/2 in. line of melted white candy on cookie sheet; stand icing decoration in candy. Chill until firm.

Step 4

Make candy pond and bridge. For pond: Prepare 1/2 cup melted very pale blue candy and place in cut parchment bag. Outline and pipe in a free form pond shape, approx. 9 x 5 in. at widest points, on Non-Stick Cookie Sheet. Chill until firm. Carefully lift and turn over. Brush smooth side with mixture of blue and white Pearl Dust. Move to waxed paper-covered board. Pipe 3/8 in. wide border on pond edge using melted white candy; immediately sprinkle on Sparkling Sugar. Chill until firm.

For bridge: Make bridge. Cut 1 x 3 in. strip of freezer paper. Pipe melted white candy on shiny side; smooth with spatula about 1/8 in. thick. Wait until candy begins to lose its shine (about 1 minute) then place inside large flower former (paper side down) to shape curve. Chill until firm then remove paper. Pipe white candy zigzag on edges; cover with Sparkling Sugar.

Step 5

Prepare board. Tape two 13 x 19 in. cake boards together. Cover with foil.

Step 6

Spray sheet pan with non-stick spray. Prepare cereal treat mixture and press firmly into pan. Immediately unmold onto wrapped board. Let cool. Spatula ice top with prepared whipping icing, shaping icicles down sides. Position pond; sprinkle Sparkling Sugar snow over top. Position houses, bridge and gingerbread figures. Use dowel rod to make holes for trees. Trim pretzels to various heights and position trees.