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Showered With Good Wishes Candies

Perk up baby shower place settings with so-sweet favors. Fill candy plaque umbrellas shaped in our Mini Ball Pan with nursery-inspired candies formed in our Baby Shower Candy Mold.


Difficulty: Easy


Step 1

Tint ½ package Candy Melts yellow and use inside of Mini Ball Pan to make candy plaque umbrella.

Step 2

Tint portions of melted candy pink (using red color) and blue, reserve some white. Mold a variety of baby shower candies using painting method .

Step 3

Use melted yellow candy in cut Parchment Triangle to pipe ribs and zigzag garland design on umbrella.

Step 4

Use craft knife to cut hole in gumball and insert lollipop stick. Tie ribbon around end of stick.

Step 5

Insert open end of stick in hole and attach with additional melted candy. Fill with candy, let set.