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Shower Mousse

Deliver a “best wishes” message via a cream cheese mousse molded in our Stork Express Pan. Use tinted Vanilla Whipped Icing Mix to spotlight details and create the infant passenger.


Difficulty: Easy


Step 1

Prepare Icing
Prepare white cream cheese mousse recipe. Mold in pan following recipe directions; unmold onto serving plate.

Step 2

Prepare Wilton Vanilla Whipped Icing Mix:
Tint 1/2 cup rose
Tint 1/2 cup yellow
Tint 1/4 cup copper
Tint 1/4 cup light blue
Tint 1/4 cup dark blue
Tint 1/4 cup brown

Step 3

1. Use tip 16 and rose whipped icing to cover blanket with stars.
2. Ice inside blanket area smooth with rose whipped icing.
3. Use tip 16 and yellow whipped icing to cover beak and feet with stars.
4. Use tip 12 and copper whipped icing to pipe ball baby head.
5. Use tip 16 and dark blue whipped icing to cover top and bill of hat with stars.
6. Use tip 16 and light blue whipped icing to cover hat band with stars.
7. Use tip 3 and brown whipped icing to pipe dot eyes for stork and baby.
8. Use tip 3 and brown whipped icing to pipe outline mouth for baby.