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She's a Party Girl Cake

A Teen Doll Pick pops out to share best wishes. After piping lovely zigzag garlands, rosettes and shell borders around the cakes, add Tip 366 pull-out leaves around the doll pick’s base to create a torn-paper effect.


Difficulty: Medium


Step 1

Ice 1-layer, 3 inch high cakes and prepare for stacked construction.

Step 2

Position cakes on foil-covered board. Use cake dividing set to divide 6 in. cake into 6ths and 10 in. cake into 10ths.

Step 3

On each cake, pipe Tip 16 zigzag garland from division points, 1 inch from top border.

Step 4

Pipe Tip 3 zigzag garland 1/2 in. below first garland. Add Tip 16 rosettes at each division point. Pipe Tip 21 rosette bottom and Tip 18 shell top borders.

Step 5

Pipe Tip 3 top on doll pick (smooth with finger dipped in cornstarch). Insert doll pick into cake; add Tip 366 pull-out leaves around waist to create torn effect.