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Shake, Rattle and Roar! Lollipops

Use our Mini Ball Pan and Candy Melting Plate to shape large and small candy rattles. Outfit the larger rattle with pink candy-coated chocolates and blue bear shaped in our Mini Baby Icons Mold.


Difficulty: Easy


Step 1

Mold small rattle in cavity of Candy Melting Plate, large rattle in Mini Ball Pan (fill 1/3 deep). Tint melted white candy blue using Candy Colors. Mold bear in Baby Icons mold. Refrigerate all until firm; unmold.

Step 2

Using white candy in a cut disposable bag, pipe a band across the center of large rattle. Position bear and candy dots.

Step 3

Attach lollipop stick to back of rattles with dots of melted candy. Tie ribbon bow on stick.

*Brand confectionery coating.