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Seven-Alarm Celebration Cake


Step 1

Bake and cool 2 loaf cakes and 1 mini bear cake.

Step 2

To make firefighter: Trim ears, belly, lower back, chest and neck area of mini bear. Trim right hand to reach just to stomach, not mouth. Use tip 12 to build up arms. Outline jacket with tip 4. Cover jacket and pants with tip 14 stars. Pipe tip 4 dot eyes and pupils, string mouth. Cover face with tip 14 stars; pipe in tip 5 ears and nose. Add tip 16 pull-out hair. Position large spice drop on head for hat. Slightly build up hat with icing and spatula. Use tip 125 to pipe edge of hat; smooth with finger dipped in cornstarch. Overpipe edge of hat with tip 44. Outline and pipe-in plaque detail on hat with tip 4; smooth. Print tip 1 "FD" on plaque. Outline shoes with tip 4 and pipe-in with tip 12; overpipe shoes again with tip 12 (smooth with finger dipped in cornstarch). Pipe tip 5 hands; pipe tip 5 hose nozzle in hand. Make hole in tip of nozzle with small end of tip 4; roll up cellophane to resemble water spray and insert into end of nozzle. Set fireman aside.

Step 3

To make fire engine: Cut cake board to fit bottom of fire engine and another board for wheels to rest on; cut two hidden pillars to be used as axles for wheels and glue to bottom of cut cake board with icing. Let set. Position one full-size loaf cake on cake board. Cut second loaf cake in half and position on top of first cake; attach with icing. Outline windows and doors with tip 5. Fill in windows with tip 5 (smooth with finger dipped in cornstarch). Cover engine with tip 16 stars. Pipe tip 12 outline around bottom border. Cut pretzel rods for ladders and attach to sides of truck. Position large spice drop on top engine for bell. Attach sandwich cookie wheels to axles and spice drop hubcaps to cookies with royal icing. Position candle.Unroll licorice braid for hose, attach one end in firefighter's hand with icing and insert the other end in side of engine.