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Send Flowers to Mom Cake

Celebrate Motherhood with a flowerpot cake filled with cookie blossoms. Create the blossoms using 6 pc. Blossom Nesting Perimeter Cutters, floral wire stems, and fondant leaves. Simply lovely!


Difficulty: Somewhat Difficult


Step 1

Cut blossom cookies-1 using 2nd largest cutter and 3 using 4th largest; make extras to allow for breakage. Bake and cool.

Step 2

Divide fondant and tint as follows: 2 in. balls in orange, violet and yellow, 3 in. ball in rose, reserve 2 in. ball white, tint remaining fondant green. Knead 3 teaspoons Gum-Tex into green fondant. Roll out green fondant and cut 2 large leaves and 38 medium leaves using Cut-Outs. Place on cornstarch-dusted cookie sheet to dry. Using tip 3 and royal icing, pipe vein line on leaves. Let dry. Roll out fondant in various colors; using blossom cutters, cut out same-size fondant blossoms to cover cookies; attach with damp brush. On parchment, draw 2 in., 1 1/8 in. and 1 in. diameter circles for flower center patterns. Trace and cut yellow fondant centers and attach with brushstrokes of water. On all, using royal icing, outline petals with tip 3, pipe tip 1 facial features, pipe tip 2 swirl for hair. Let dry.

Step 3

Wrap wire lengths in floral tape and cut wire into six 3 in. lengths and two 6 in. lengths. Attach 6 medium leaves to 3 in. lengths of wire and the 2 large leaves to the 6 in. lengths of wire with melted candy. Let dry on waxed paper. Attach cookies to sticks with melted candy. When dry, wrap cookie sticks with floral tape and attach leaves (leave bottom portion of stick unwrapped). Cut a 3 x 1 1/2 in. tag from white fondant. Cut out hole using small end of tip 8. Add tip 1 royal icing message and let dry. Using Classic Wonder Mold, bake pound cake, filling pan halfway. Cool and level. Trim 3/4 in. off the narrow end to create a wider base. Ice cake smooth in buttercream and position on foil-wrapped board, wide side up. Pipe tip 2 swirls and tip 3 dots. Using smallest heart Cut-Out, cut shapes from rose and yellow fondant. Attach to cake sides using dots of buttercream. Pipe tip 18 rope bottom border. Insert cookie blossoms into cake. Tie tag onto stem of one cookie blossom using ribbon length. Cover cake top with chocolate cookie crumbs. Insert and arrange leaves around edge of cake top, securing with buttercream icing.