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Seasonal Splendor Gingerbread House

There is splendor everywhere you look on this great estate. Pre-baked and pre-assembled house is decked with green leaf holly, lattice windows, fleur de lis piped designs and framed with cozy icicles.

Difficulty: No Reviews



1 gingerbread house.



Step 1

Divide prepared decorating icing in half, use half for decorating house, the other half for adding "snow" around house (keep remaining half covered with a damp cloth).

Step 2

Fill decorating bag with icing.

Step 3

Create windows, door and window on door with outlines. Decorate windows and door with lattice. Decorate zigzags around doors and on tops of windows. Decorate fleur de lis above windows and door.

Step 4

Decorate seams of house with outlines. Decorate all sides of house with dots.

Step 5

Decorate roof with lattice. Decorate eaves with outlines. Decorate lattice intersections and eaves with dots. Decorate snow on roof peak with loose zigzags.

Step 6

Cut jelly spearmint leaves in strips, cut spice drops in half and attach in a holly shape to roof and roof peak. Decorate eaves and windowsills with icicles. Cut jelly fruit slices in half and attach to windows for shutters.

Step 7

Using a spatula, ice snow on base fluffy. Attach spice drops for walkway. Cut jelly fruit slices in half and attach for shrubs; attach jelly spearmint leaves for trees.

NOTE: Additional candy may be required.