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Screamin’ Cream Cheese Spread

Your Halloween party guests will be dying to dip into this skull-shaped cream cheese spread, shaped using the Dimensions 3-D Skull Pan.


Difficulty: Easy


  • 40 oz. cream cheese
  • cocktail or chili sauce
  • long grain rice
  • Uncooked thin spaghetti
  • Capers
  • green olives, sliced
  • anchovies


Serves 12.


Step 1

Bring cream cheese to room temperature. Line the face side of 3-D Skull Pan with plastic wrap. Whip 32 oz. of cream cheese with electric mixer. Fill pan and press firmly with the back of a spoon to show all details of the face. Chill in refrigerator.

Step 2

Line Bone Cookie Pan with plastic wrap. Whip remaining 8 oz. cream cheese. Using a cut decorating bag, pipe cream cheese into cavities. Press firmly with the back of spoon. Chill in refrigerator.

Step 3

Using back of a spoon, spread cocktail sauce on platter. Position cream cheese skull and bones on platter.

Step 4

Prepare rice and noodles according to package directions. Place noodles, rice, capers, olives and anchovies on cream cheese. Use cut decorating bag to drip cocktail sauce off bones.