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Scrapbook Surprise Cake


Step 1

Cut 2 cake boards to 13 x 15 in. Tape together and cover with foil.

Step 2

Position cake on board. Ice top of cake lightly and sides thick with white icing. Use wide edge of decorating comb to comb sides of cake to resemble book pages.

Step 3

Roll out white fondant 1/8 in. thick; cover top of cake.

Step 4

Using Cutter/Embosser, cut out various size photo spaces for cake top; cut out and position same-size fondant rectangles in various colors.

Step 5

For photo borders, use wavy-edge wheel of Cutter/Embosser to cut 1/4 in. wide strips and attach with damp brush.

Step 6

Cut faces and clothing using people Cut-Outs; attach with damp brush.

Step 7

Cut thin strips for hair, wind around toothpicks and attach.

Step 8

Cut squares to fit for cake and gifts in pictures and add strips for icing, candle and flame; attach.

Step 9

Cut balloons, stars and remaining gifts using small round, star and square Cut-Outs. Attach small strips for bows.

Step 10

Use FoodWriters to print messages and draw confetti and balloon strings.

Step 11

Roll a 1/2 in. diameter pink fondant rope and position around bottom border of cake.