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Saucer Sledders Brownies

Great fun in the great outdoors! These happy sliders come to life with candy shell saucers, brownie pop bodies and colorful fondant heads and winter accessories.


Difficulty: No Reviews



Each treat serves 1.


Step 1

In advance: Make 1/4 in. thick candy shells in Mini Ball pan. Use hot knife to trim off top edge for a 1 in. high sled.

Step 2

Bake and cool brownie pops (1 for each body) in silicone mold supported by cookie sheet. Make fondant sledding figures. For 2 figures shown, tint fondant: 2 oz. each black, rose, blue and violet; 1 oz. yellow; 1 oz. brown or copper for each head.

Step 3

For scarf ends, roll out yellow and violet 1/16 in. thick. Cut 3 x 3/8 in. strips. Fold into V-shape; cut 1/16 in. wide slits, 1/4 in. deep, for fringed ends. Let dry on cornstarch-dusted wooden dowel rods.

Step 4

To cover bodies, ice smooth; roll out pink and blue 1/8 in. thick and cover. Cut a 3 in. circle for shirts; attach around top of brownie pop and smooth with hands. Roll out violet and black 1/16 in. thick; cut 5/8 x 6 in. strips for pants; attach around bottom.

Position bodies leaning back slightly in candy shells; support with fondant if necessary.

Step 5

Roll 3/4 in. balls of pink and blue (2 each); shape into 1 1/2 in. long tapered sleeves and attach using damp brush. Roll four 3/4 in. black balls; shape into shoes and attach.

Step 6

Roll four 1/2 in. black balls; shape into mittens and attach, resting on sled. Roll 1 1/4 in. balls in copper and brown; insert cut Lollipop Stick and attach for heads. For straight hair, attach individual strands, about 1/2 to 3/4 in. long. For curly hair, attach tiny black balls. Shape 1 1/2 in. high tapered hat with 3/8 in. diameter ball tip; roll 1/4 in. ball for pompom; attach. Cut 1 1/2 x 1/8 in. strip for earmuff band; attach. Roll 3/8 in. diameter balls for earmuffs; flatten and attach.

Step 7

For scarf around neck, roll small amount of violet and yellow 1/16 in. thick. Cut 3 x 3/8 in. strips; attach around neck. Attach prepared scarf ends with dot of melted candy. Roll tiny ball noses; attach. Use Black FoodWriter to draw eyes and mouth.

* Combine Violet with Rose for violet shown.

Combine Brown with Red-Red for dark skin tone shown.

Combine Golden Yellow with Lemon Yellow for yellow shown.