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Rope-Skippin’ Kitten Cake


Step 1

In advance: Prepare base board. Use pan as a guide; allow an extra 4 in. above head to hold jump rope and name. Cut and wrap Cake Board.

Step 2

Bake and cool cake. Trim ears for triangular shape. Ice cake sides and background areas smooth.

Step 3

Use tip 3 to outline and fill in eyes, nose, mouth and inner ears; pat smooth with fingertip dipped in cornstarch. Outline body, dress and shoes using tip 3. Cover with tip 16 stars. Pipe tip 126 ruffle. Pipe tip 7 waistband; pat smooth. Pipe tip 3 bead heart tongue and buttons. Pipe tip 7 bead bottom border.

Step 4

Tint fondant rose. Roll out small amount 1/8 in. thick; use alphabet cutters from set to cut out name; position on prepared board. Roll remaining fondant into 22 in. long x 1/2 in. diameter rope; position on board with ends in hands. Pipe tip 3 outlines over rope for fingers; cover fingers with tip 16 stars.

*Combine Violet with Rose for violet shown.