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Romantic Roses and Lace Cake

Step-saving Rose Bouquets Flower Cutter Set makes it easier and quicker to create beautiful fondant decorations like these. The “embroidery” leaves echo the scalloped border.


Difficulty: Medium


Step 1

At least 3 days in advance, make gum paste flowers following flower cutter set directions: Make 3 large cutter full-bloom roses on toothpicks instead of wire, 4 large cutter rosebuds and 3 small cutter rosebuds. Let dry.

Step 2

On cake circle, using pan as pattern, trace heart 2 in. wider than pan. Cut two heart boards with craft knife, tape together and cover with rose-tinted fondant.

Step 3

Prepare and cover cake with fondant; smooth. Position on fondant-covered board. Make scalloped frame: Cut five fondant blossoms using second largest blossom cutter. Using ruler, cut each blossom into three sections, with two outer sections of 3 petals each. (Small center section will not be used.) Brush backs of 3-petal pieces with water and position on board under cake.

Step 4

Imprint leaf designs on cake with rose leaf cutter from flower set. Outline leaves with tip 2 and immediately use brush embroidery technique, completing leaves one at a time. Pipe tip 1 center vein; add tip 1 tendrils and position roses and rosebuds. On fondant scallops, outline with tip 4 and pipe tip 1 lines.