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Romance Rings Out Cake


Step 1

In advance, using royal icing, make 250 tip 101 violet apple blossoms, each with five tip 1 white dot center. Make extras to allow for breakage and let dry.

Step 2

Ice 2-layer cake smooth in buttercream. Trace oval pattern on cake sides with toothpick. Pipe tip 1D band bottom border. Pipe tip 3 bead top and side borders; edge ovals with tip 3 beads. Attach flowers to cake; add tip 349 leaves. Trace letters with toothpick; write tip 3 message.

Step 3

Tie glittered bells together with fishing line and hang from inside of gazebo. Position gazebo on top of cake. Attach flowers on gazebo and bells with icing; add tip 349 leaves. Tie ribbon into bow and attach to gazebo.