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Rise and Shine! Cake

The Count really knows how to make an entrance at your Halloween party! Here he rises from a loaf cake cushion set inside a gingerbread cookie coffin.


Difficulty: Somewhat Difficult


Step 1

Two days in advance, make gingerbread coffin and vampire: Trace coffin patterns on rolled out dough with toothpick; cut cookies. Trace torso pattern on dough just beneath skeleton cookie cutter and cut in one continuous piece. Position 2 cookie sticks under vampire. Bake and cool all gingerbread pieces.

Step 2

One day in advance, tint fondant as follows: 2 1/4 in. ball green, 1 in. ball red, 4 in. ball black. Cover head area with green fondant, trim excess and shape ears and hands. Cover torso, including shirt area, with white fondant. Cut black strips and attach for jacket lapels. Shape left arm on cookie stick, approximately 2 1/2 in. long black sleeve with white cuff; attach hand. Shape a 21/2 in. black piece for right arm and curve to rest on coffin side; attach sleeve and hand. Use remaining black to shape and position legs. In buttercream, pipe tip 3 dot eyes and pupils, pipe-in mouth and add pull-out fangs. Add tip 2 outline hair. Shape and attach red bow tie and knot; let all pieces dry overnight.

Step 3

Bake and cool 2 in. high long loaf cake. Trim to 12 in. long. Ice smooth. Ice backs of gingerbread coffin pieces with buttercream icing; comb in a scallop motion.

Step 4

Press coffin side, front and back pieces against cake, attaching with additional icing if needed. Outline seams and edges with tip 6, overpipe with tip 3. Pipe tip 3 dot hinges and string handles. Shape pillow from 2 1/2 in. ball of white fondant; position on cake. Insert two cookie sticks vertically into cake to support vampire. Insert vampire into cake on an angle. Position arms and legs. Insert four more cookie sticks to support closed lid; position lid. Position open lid, resting on arm. Outline lid seam with tip 6. Pipe tip 2 string for spider; attach spider and bat icing decorations.