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Ready to Plant Mini Cake

How does your garden grow? Create a perennially tasty treat by planting a cookie flower on a lollipop stick stem in a Dimensions Multi-Cavity Mini Ice Cream Cones Pan flowerpot cake.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

In advance, make cookies. Roll out cookie dough and cut one flower and one medium leaf for each flowerpot. Bake and cool. Using tip 3 and full strength color flow icing, outline flower petals, flower center and leaf. Let set. Flow in with thinned icing. Let set. Using full strength icing, add vein to leaf. Let set.

Step 2

Cover lollipop stick with green florist tape. Attach sticks to back of flower and leaf cookies using melted candy. Let set.

Step 3

Bake only bottom half of ice cream cone. Cool and ice smooth in buttercream icing. Using buttercream icing, edge top of flowerpot using tip 2B. Cover cake top with cookie crumbs. Insert cookies on sticks into cake top.

*Combine Brown and Orange for brown shade shown