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Ready For Takeoff Gingerbread

This jolly old fellow is sparking a flurry of holiday activity. Make Santa using our Stand-Up Snowman and Mini Egg Pans and use included patterns to cut gingerbread cookie sleigh and reindeers. Wonderful centerpiece or cookie exchange gift.


Difficulty: No Reviews


Step 1

In advance, use gingerbread dough and patterns to cut 2 Sleigh Sides (reverse pattern to cut opposite side), 1 Sleigh Back, 1 Sleigh Front, 2 Reindeer, 1 Mitten and 4 Reindeer Support pieces; bake and cool.

Step 2

Bake and cool Stand-Up Snowman and 2 Mini Egg cakes, using firm-textured cake batter such as pound cake.

Step 3

Decorate gingerbread pieces with royal icing: Ice sleigh pieces and mitten smooth.

Step 4

Edge tops of sleigh pieces with tip 16 zigzags. With tip 3, outline reindeer, pipe-in hooves (pat smooth with finger dipped in cornstarch) and add string mouth.

Step 5

With tip 4, pipe-in antlers and harness (pat smooth with finger dipped in cornstarch, add dot nose, eye and pupil. Pipe tip 13 pull-out star fur.

Step 6

Attach 1 Reindeer Support to back of each reindeer leg with tip 3 dots of icing.

Step 7

For Santa cake, cut dowel rod to 8 in. long and insert into side for arm, leaving 4 in. exposed. Trim edges off hat area to form round head. Decorate with buttercream: Build up legs with tip 12, piping 2 in. beyond side of cake. Cover legs with tip 16 stars.

Step 8

Attach egg halves to legs for boots; ice bottoms smooth and cover tops with tip 16 stars. Build up arms and hat area with tip 12; pipe tip 12 front mitten. Cover face, hat and red jacket with tip 16 stars; overpipe nose. With tip 4, outline and pipe-in mouth and tongue (smooth with finger dipped in cornstarch), add dot eyes. Pipe tip 1 string eyebrows.

Step 9

Attach gingerbread mitten to extended arm with icing. Pipe tip 18 star fur trim on jacket, cuffs, hat brim and boots. Pipe tip 16 s-shaped pull-out stars for Santa's hair and beard; add tip 16 star pom-pom. Attach sleigh pieces around Santa with royal icing (taller piece is back, shorter piece is front).

Step 10

Attach candy cane runners to sides. Position reindeer and attach licorice reins with buttercream icing. Attach spice drop to reindeer harness with icing. Add shredded coconut around sleigh and reindeer.

Note: Combine Christmas Red and Red-Red to achieve red shade used.