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Puffed-Up Petals Cupcakes

It´s a delicious dessert that doubles as a beautiful "floral"centerpiece. Make fondant flower petals ahead of time and assemble the day of serving. Watch our online video.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

Several days in advance: Make fondant loop petals. Knead 24 oz. of white fondant with 2 teaspoons Gum-Tex™ on Roll & Cut Mat dusted with cornstarch. Divide fondant into 4 oz. portions and tint orange, rose, violet, blue and two 4 oz. portions yellow. Roll out each section of fondant 1/8 in. thick and cut 15 strips (2 ½ long x 1/8 in. wide) for each cupcake.

Step 2

To make flower loops, fold strips in half and brush open ends with decorating brush that has been dipped in water. Gently press ends closed and let dry. To make flower centers, roll ½ in. diameter balls of yellow fondant; flatten slightly with fingers and let dry.

Step 3

Bake and cool cupcakes in White Standard Baking Cups and cool completely on Cooling Grid.

Step 4

Prepare Buttercream Icing recipe. Ice tops of cupcakes smooth with spatula.

Step 5

Position fondant loops on tops of cupcakes and attach centers with icing. Position cupcakes on Cupcakes ´N More® Dessert Stand.

Use the Wilton Floral Collection Flower Making Set to add a wide variety of fondant flowers to your cupcakes. Complete with 24 cutters, 1 leaf mold, 3 wood modeling tools and a 40-page instruction book.