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Prehistoric Party (Wonder Mold Pan) Cake

Stop guests in their tracks with an edible diorama! Place a personalized cloud cookie so it appears to erupt from a Wonder Mold Pan volcano cake. Round out the scene with iced-cookie gawkers shaped with our Dog, Boy and Dinosaur Perimeter Cookie Cutters.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

To tint coconut, place desired amount in zip-close lunch bag with a few drops of green icing color. Knead until color is evenly blended.

Step 2

Make cookie dough. Trace cloud pattern on dough with sharp knife; insert 8 in. cookie stick. Cut out puppy, dinosaur and boy. Also cut small triangles to be used as easels for cookies.

Step 3

Bake and cool. Ice cloud cookie smooth, use Tip 3 to print message. Outline remaining cookies with Tip 3.

Step 4

Cover puppy, dinosaur and boy's tunic with Tip 13 stars. For boy, pipe Tip 2 dot and string facial features and Tip 3 pull-out hair.

Step 5

For puppy dinosaur, add Tip 2 dot eye and pull-out teeth, Tip 4 pull-out spikes. For dinosaur, pipe Tip 2 dot eye, 3 spots on back. Attach triangle easels to backs of cookies and set aside.

Step 6

Ice Wonder Mold cake smooth. Ice top area under lava with white icing and the remainder of cake with chocolate icing.

Step 7

Add a textured effect to mountain with spatula. Tint portions of piping gel yellow, red and orange. Spread yellow gel on lava area.

Step 8

Use Tip 3 to pipe random lines of red and orange gel on cake and lightly spread with spatula to mix colors.

Step 9

Position cake on board. Sprinkle coconut, insert cloud cookie and position remaining cookies.